With the Empire State Building over her shoulder and her love of nature in her heart, New York City designer, Karen Kertesz creates her collections using  amber, diamonds, sapphires, pearls, rutilated quartz and turquoise. Hand made in silver and gold, no two pieces are alike.


Karen Kertesz-Sklar is known for her intricate work with metal and precious stones. Her fascination with nature began in childhood, growing up in a woodsy town in Connecticut. After working with renowned designers, Karen is now producing her own unique collections.


“People instinctively respond with pleasure to certain uncontrived natural forms, such as a flower in bloom. Enticed by nature’s inherent beauty, interacting with seeds or a twig becomes an intimate process, inspiring my desire to create sculptural adornments for the body. The pieces are meant to be sketches of nature. Rather than literal translations, they are organic, gestural and whimsical. Incorporating dynamic structural nuances and miniscule details, the work captivates the viewer to take a closer look. I hope to engage the wearer through color and form and evoke a sense of nostalgia from one’s personal experience with the natural environment.”

-Karen Kertesz-Sklar

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